Restoration and Relaxation Retreat for the New Year

Hosted at Oneida Community Mansion House on

January 18, 2020

Guests joined us for a day of restoration and relaxation as we renewed for the New Year. We joined together to balance the mind, body and spirit through the practices of Yoga, Mindfulness, Meditation and Sound Healing. 

Our day began with Aromatherapy Mellow Flow Yoga followed by a deeply relaxing immersion into Sound Healing.

We shared in a Mindful Eating practice as we enjoyed simple, whole, healthy foods. 

The afternoon began with Candlelight Yin Yoga followed by a Guided Meditation centering on restoring and renewing for the New Year. We were accompanied by live relaxation music.

Autumn is a time of transition, a time to let go and to replenish. Mellow Flow Yoga spent it immersing ourselves in the rejuvenating goodness that nature has to offer as we shared in the practices of mindfulness, meditation and yoga at the Stone Quarry Hill Art Park.

We began our day with a rejuvenating yoga practice as we take in the resplendent views of Madison County's fall foliage. We shared in a mindful eating practice as we enjoyed  farm to table fare prepared fresh from autumn's bounty, served in a rustic, elegant setting. Our day continued with guided imagery meditation focusing on "letting go and making room to replenish and restore. " The day concluded with a peaceful, relaxing Yin Yoga practice accompanied by live music.

We gathered at the end of the day to enjoy the installations of art amongst the beauty of the Stone Quarry Hill Art Park.

Autumnal Yoga and Mindfulness Retreat 

Hosted at Stone Quarry Art Park on

October 12, 2019

Summer Solstice Evening Yoga Retreat

Hosted at the Oneida Community Mansion House on

June 21, 2019

Mellow Flow Yoga celebrated the Summer Solstice on the beautiful grounds of the Oneida Community Mansion House. Summer solstice comes from the Latin word solstitium which means "the standing still of the Sun." We embraced  standing still with the sun as we harmonized mind, body and spirit as the light faded on the longest day of the year.

We enjoyed evening meditation on the Great Lawn, refreshed ourselves during our mindful eating practice with simple whole foods of the season and ended our celebration with sunset yoga, accompanied by live relaxation music, overlooking the beautiful garden.

 Mellow Flow Yoga completely immersed ourselves in a day of awakening for the Spring Equinox. We replenished and restored for the new season with a day of yoga, meditation, sound therapy and mindfulness at the historic Oneida Community Mansion House.

The day began by awakening our senses through Aromatherapy Yoga. We then immersed ourselves in the deep relaxation of sound therapy with Sound Therapist Jeffrey Gregory of Pyramid Wellness Center. Midday we took a pause to nourish our bodies through the practice of mindful eating.

Our afternoon began with CandleLight Mellow Flow Yoga. This unique blend of poses and breath harmonizes the mind, body and spirit. We concluded our day with the practice of guided imagery meditation accompanied by live piano music. This day was a day of deep relaxation and finding our inner peace and calm.

Spring Awakening Yoga Retreat

Hosted at Oneida Community Mansion House on

March 23, 2019